Cardiac Rhythm Solutions for Physicians

Cardiac Rhythm

Cardiac Rhythm Solutions for Physicians

A unified solution for a medical grade remote patient monitoring

Cardiology Remote Patient Monitoring

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The powerful technology built into our low energy bio-sensor enables physicians to strap the device onto their patients easily and instantly engage them in determining the true incidence of all arrhythmia and Afib monitoring.

Meet PatientCare Your One-Stop Solution for Remote Patient Monitoring:

PatientCare is a technological innovation specifically designed bearing doctors convenience in mind. Designed for use with our Faros bio-sensor, PatientCare is a self-managed cloud-based HIPAA-compliant platform. It allows healthcare providers to gather, interpret, and manage real-time patient data independently, rapidly, and cost-effectively.

It includes a broad spectrum of services that build secure and highly dynamic patient engagement solutions and delivers it via web-enabled devices and personalized portals. When necessary, a PatientCare platform can also integrate with in-house EMR systems that store information about patients and their care plans.

Cardiac Rhythm Solutions for Physicians