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Remote cardiac monitoring - 4-in-1 monitoring with live streaming

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Do you know anyone using TeleSense™?

TeleSense is a complete MCT, Event and Holter monitor that offers an unrivaled level of control with advanced arrhythmia detection, remote configuration, full disclosure data, and proven performance.

Live Patient Visibility:

TeleSense is internet-enabled, delivering convenient 3-in-1 usability to the physician. The device connects to WiFi or a mobile hotspot to provide immediate visibility, analysis, and transmission of ECG data and arrhythmia events for easy management of your symptomatic and asymptomatic cardiac event patients. TeleSense even delivers live-streaming ECG data when connected to a WiFi network.

Easy Configuration:

Easily adjust monitoring protocols at any time through an intuitive remote device configuration. Choose or change monitoring modalities or configure the device settings from a computer, eliminating the patient’s need for an office visit. The simplified device management process with TeleSense encourages patient compliance.