RemetricHealth's Remote Patient Monitoring Solution


RemetricHealth's Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

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RemetricHealth provides physician groups, hospitals, home health agencies, and payers with a solution that combines remote, real-time biometric monitoring and management tools with video telehealth capabilities to evaluate patients remotely between visits. This helps:

  • Reduce readmissions and improve outcomes.
  • Improve access to care.
  • Reduce wasteful spend and downstream costs.

Who we Serve:

Physician Groups:

Improve access and deliver higher quality, more efficient care while generating significant sustainable revenue for your practice.


Reduce unnecessary readmissions and emergency department visits while improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Home Health Agencies:

Offer state-of-the-art technology to improve patient satisfaction, engagement, and outcomes.


Improve member health, reduce downstream costs, and increase quality reporting scores.

RemetricHealth's Remote Patient Monitoring Solution