Healthcare IT News: Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Electronic medical records (EMR) are digital replacements of paper medical records or charts at a clinician’s office. The patient information provided by electronic medical records includes patient demographics, contact information, vital signs, allergies, medical history, current and past medications, immunizations, radiology reports, and laboratory data. Electronic medical records help in improving patient care and decreasing medical costs. They are real-time, patient-centered records that make patient information quickly and securely accessible to authorized users. Electronic medical records software share information with other health care providers and organizations. EMR systems do not provide any information about the medical and treatment histories of patients.

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Features: It allows you to operate offline. No long term contract. You can keep using the software without the AMC as well. AMC is required for services that require our involvement beyond the first …


Understanding the clinical staff’s clinical processes and expectations are the most important factor for any successful internalization of EMR. 21CI realizes this challenge and believes that the …

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