Do you know anyone using dbMotion™?

Why dbMotion?

Making informed decisions for your patients is critical, but that can be a challenge when those patients are sometimes seen outside your office, and that data isn’t showing up in their record.

Your organization needs the right health interoperability solution to leverage and share data assets, achieve safer high-quality clinical outcomes, and get a single, harmonized patient record that reflects actions taken in the community.

Meet dbMotion™ Solution:

Access a Single Record Across the Continuum:

Get an organized, comprehensive, and actionable record with real-time patient data across disparate electronic medical record (EMR) systems and the broader care community with dbMotion Solution, an industry leader in EMR interoperability solutions.

Get Aggregated Data Within the Native EMR:

dbMotion Solution aggregates and harmonizes relevant clinical data, family history, and other risk factors for individual patients, and presents that data directly with native EMR systems.