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Miracle EMR

Streamlines the workflow from front office, medical office to back office

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

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Electronic Medical Records (EMR):

MIRACLE EMR is a web-based clinical solution for any healthcare setting combining clinical patient records with labs, prescription writing, procedures, and much more. It is a powerful tool supporting drug allergy and interaction warning, ICD 10, CPT & DRG coding, and diagnosis-based advice.


Miracle EMR Potential Benefits:

Better Medical Practice:

Improves diagnosis and treatment. Significantly fewer errors occur within personal health data. Less treatment time and decision making responses from healthcare person.


Practices using Miracle EMR viewing capabilities improve their chart availability, data organization, and legibility. As patient data accumulates over time, financial savings accrue from less staff time spent finding, pulling, and filing charts and less physician time locating information.

Miracle EMR