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Cloud QEMR

Perfect hospital management software for all the hospitals

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

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Cloud QEMR is a cloud-based hospital management software is an ERP suite of software modules to computerize any large scale hospitals and chain clinics and its branches.

Cloud QEMR is the perfect hospital Management Software for all the hospitals, including super-specialty hospitals, ophthalmology hospitals, dental hospitals, gynecology & Pediatrics hospital, and it is also easy to customize for Medical College Management. Cloud QEMR covers all the major functional areas of Hospital Management Software.


Appointment Scheduler:

  • Appointment scheduling.

  • Daily / Weekly & Monthly view.

  • Quick follow-up appointment bookings.

OPD Management:

  • Manage OPD Visits.

  • Generate Medical Certificate.

  • Manage multiple OPD Reports.

  • Manage OPD Prescription.

IPD Management:

  • Manage IPD Admission.

  • Manage IPD Observation.

  • Manage IPD Bill.

  • Manage multiple IPD Reports.

Cloud QEMR