Do you know anyone using Interactive EMR?

A technology that combines speech recognition with artificial intelligence that enables clinicians use natural conversations to perform their tasks seamlessly. A revolutionary two way interactive voice controlled solution that saves significant time for clinicians to update electronic medical records (EMR). It makes EMR documentation a parallel, hands-free process during consultation instead of the current serial effort to complete the consultation and then key in the clinical notes and orders.

Napier iEMR uses advanced voice recognition and artificial intelligence to automatically pick out key conversation snippets during a doctor consultation. It then processes these snippets and identifies right information to be pre-filled in the EMR such as complaints, medication orders, lab orders etc. so doctors can quickly review and save the EMR updates. This dramatically increase the clinicians facetime with patients and enable them deliver better care.


  • More Face Time With Patients

Allows doctors to document case notes and all other information by effortlessly into the EMR while still talking to the patient.

  • Saves Time and Increases Productivity

Doctors can perform their tasks faster without having to navigate through the entire EMR and also create all necessary orders and prescriptions as they speak to their patients.

Interactive EMR