Clinicea EMR Solution

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Clinicea EMR Solution

Super easy to learn + brilliant in analysis - EMR with the most comprehensive practice management solution

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Practice Management

Do you know anyone using Clinicea EMR Solution?

Our Case Sheets Technology will convert all your paper-based forms into EMR digital sheets. You need not worry about learning new software. Just carry on working in Clinicea just the way you used to work on paper. The only difference is that things will now move much faster at your clinic.

Intelligent recalls and follow-ups that auto-creates appointments in your calendar sends a confirmation to the patient and reminds the patient to turn up on the day of the appointment.

You can include data from past history and current visit. Or you could make Clinicea do the grunge work for you and include all the clinically significant data only from PMH and Current that were recorded in this encounter.

Clinicea EMR Solution