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Praxis EMR

Praxis EMR is based on a simple premise: medicine is an art

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

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Introducing Concept Processing

When viewing the frequency distribution of a provider’s case types, we see a familiar bell-shaped curve. Medicine as an art together with your own bell-shaped curve are the foundations of Concept Processing, the AI technology inside Praxis that learns from you.

With Praxis, you get the freedom to chart in your own words with your own style. You practice medicine your way instead of impairing your quality with templates.

Smartest Agents in the World, Work for you

Praxis Agents are smart messengers that communicate on your behalf. Agents appear when you need them and know where to go and what to do. And, they learn progressively from you. Automate timely reminders and events with your clinic and colleagues and engage patients with secure email and portal.

Powerful Practice Guidelines & Queries

Streamline MACRA and PQRS reporting with the most powerful Practice Guideline and Queries in medicine. Many providers get Praxis for this reason alone. Templates limit your queries; if the system is not pre-set, you are lost. Praxis allows you to work prospectively and query any clinical parameter you wish. Score 100% (or close) in attestations and quality reporting with ease.

Intelligent Practice Advisories

You wish to practice the highest quality medicine possible. The Practice Advisories inside Praxis enable just that. Practice Advisories provide just-in-time medical advice, decision support, even entire treatment protocols, at the point of care.

Praxis EMR

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