21st Century Informatics Services Private Limited


Enables the interfaces between an organization's clinical strategy, clinical workflow, and technology to reach the pre-defined clinical goals

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Do you know anyone using 21CI EMR?

Understanding the clinical staff’s clinical processes and expectations are the most important factor for any successful internalization of EMR. 21CI realizes this challenge and believes that the success of Electronic Healthcare Systems is more of a business challenge than a technology challenge.

Our Electronic Medical Record solution accelerates access to complete information about the patient and automates clinical workflows, thereby simplifying and strengthening the patient-physician experience. The integrated application will streamline the clinical workflows and improve care quality and accountability for the stakeholders.


Increased Revenue:

  • 30% Improved operational capacity

  • Higher patient volume

  • Maximizes billing and effective reimbursement process

Reduced Risk:

  • 100 % Medication/allergy checks

  • Evidence-based care

  • Patient safety

Expense Reduction:

  • Transcription savings up to 100%

  • Paper/postage costs

  • Medical records/coding staff

Improved Quality of Care:

  • Clinical quality Standards

  • Improved Patient care

  • Health maintenance alerts