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#medicalwearables is a healthcare hashtag. Medical wearables or wearables include a group of electronic devices designed based on wearable technology and worn throughout the day for real-time health tracking. Medical wearables or wearables in healthcare can be worn as accessories, tattooed on skin, implanted in the body, and embedded on clothing. Such wearables are designed for the prevention of diseases and monitoring of health. They are also used for patient and disease management purposes.

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Bio Patch MC100


Our non-invasive wearable technology keeps doctors and loved ones in the loop about a patient’s heart condition by providing an up to the minute data dashboard and alerts system when unusual …

Centroid™: Activity Sensor
Radius T™
S-patch Cardio

S-patch Cardio

Experience Our Innovative Bio-Processor Applied ECG Monitoring Solution: S-patch Cardio is a real-time ECG monitoring solution using a wearable ECG device that can be attached to your chest. This …

Biolinq Glucose Monitoring System
GPatch Extended Holter
Monitoring COVID-19 From Hospital to Home: First Wearable Device Continuously Tracks Key Symptoms
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