GPatch Extended Holter

G Medical Innovations Ltd.

GPatch Extended Holter

A wearable extended Holter monitor that ensures maximum comfort while recording multiple channels of ECG for a more comprehensive diagnosis

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To begin, the comfortable patch electrode is applied to your chest to record your heart rhythms. You may resume your normal activity during treatment, as you may exercise, shower, and even bath while you are wearing the patch.

Follow the instructions below to ensure a successful study:

  • Wear the patch continuously until your prescribed service is complete. This may be from 3 to 14 days.

  • If you experience a symptom, tap twice in the middle of the monitor to mark an event. Then briefly describe the type of symptom you experienced in the diary provided.

  • After your prescribed wear time, remove the adhesive patch and return all of the provided equipment and supplies as directed by your physician. G Medical will analyze the data, and a report will be sent to your physician to assist in the diagnosis.

GPatch Extended Holter