S-patch Cardio

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S-patch Cardio

Wearable ECG (Electrocardiogram) monitoring solution

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Experience Our Innovative Bio-Processor Applied ECG Monitoring Solution:

S-patch Cardio is a real-time ECG monitoring solution using a wearable ECG device that can be attached to your chest. This provides a comfortable ECG test for patients and fast and accurate diagnosis support for medical staff.

What’s Unique About S-Patch Cardio?

S-patch Cardio solutions value lies in its patient convenience, operational efficiency, and efficient ECG analysis with smart cardiovascular disease management anytime, anywhere.

Lightweight & Easy-to-Use:

The wearable device S-Patch is ultra-light (11g) and can be worn comfortably in various situations.

Convenient Data Management:

Data is automatically transferred to the cloud, reducing patient visits to the hospital.

Comprehensive Analysis:

Time-stamped symptom and activity logs can be viewed on the cloud portal with ECG data, improving data interpretation efficiency, and accuracy.

S-patch Cardio