Cardiomo Care, Inc.


Cardiomo is the powerful and easy solution for monitoring heart health in real time

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Our non-invasive wearable technology keeps doctors and loved ones in the loop about a patient’s heart condition by providing an up to the minute data dashboard and alerts system when unusual behavior is detected.

  • Actual ECG(EKG) recording that doctors trust.
  • Continuous and convenient health monitoring.
  • AI to detect early symptoms of heart diseases.
  • Instant notifications for relatives and caregivers.

Alert Notifications:

Cardiomo sends alert notifications to the user and observers if AI spots an issue that requires attention. It can also detect falls.

Continuous Health Monitoring:

Cardiomo biosensors keep track of consumer vitals 24/7: precise EKG/ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature.

Disease Detection:

Cardiomo AI algorithms are trained to detect arrhythmias and other CVDs. They analyze the data from biosensors and spot.