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The metaverse is a collective, virtual, open space created by combining virtually enhanced digital and physical reality, and is known for providing users with immersive experiences. Although this concept is still in its infancy and has a long way to go before reaching maturity, it has the potential to completely disrupt the AR/VR experience. Several major players, including Facebook, are investing heavily and working tirelessly to ensure the success of this concept in the coming years. The metaverse is expected to provide decentralized, persistent, interoperable, and collaborative business opportunities and models that will assist companies in taking digital business to new heights.

Consider a virtual world in which people live, work, shop, and interact with others from the comfort of their physical couch. This is referred to as the metaverse. The metaverse is thought to be the next step in the evolution of the internet. It will manifest itself in a variety of ways, including gaming, online communities, and business meetings in which people collaborate using a digital facsimile or avatar of themselves.

The metaverse is expected to merge all isolated immersive virtual ecosystems into a unified whole in the near future. The end result will be a single massive all-encompassing metaverse accessible via a single browser (just like the internet offering various websites). For example, a user working in a virtual office can hold a Mixed Reality meeting with an Oculus VR headset and then play a blockchain-powered game after work. Within the same metaverse, the user can then manage their finances and portfolio.

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    • Appian Platform

      Appian Platform

      Unify your data, build apps, and automate your business with the only platform recognized as a leader in both automation and low-code.

      Complete Automation

      Unlock real business value. Automate …

      Published Nov 17, 2022 Metaverse

      Last Updated

    • Augmedics XVISION

      Augmedics XVISION



      The xvision system has demonstrated a 99.1% overall percutaneous screw placement accuracy, eliminates the attention shift of referring to a separate screen and adds these features …

      Published Nov 16, 2022 Metaverse

      Last Updated

    • BPM for Healthcare

      BPM for Healthcare

      Medical professionals need centralized and accurate data and well-coordinated actions among highly regulated medical service providers to make informed decisions, deliver quality patient care and …

      Published Nov 17, 2022 Metaverse

      Last Updated

    • Da Vinci Software

      Da Vinci Software

      Surgery is a deeply human endeavor, requiring knowledge, experience, and understanding. For more than 21 years, we have helped surgeons like you expand on those capabilities with da Vinci …

      Published Nov 16, 2022 Metaverse

      Last Updated

    • HintVR™


      Surgeons can use it to engage patients in immersive and interactive ways for pre-op and post-op consultation, Patients can learn effectively from 3D content achieving health literacy, Medical …

      Published Nov 16, 2022 Metaverse

      Last Updated



      ImmersiveTouch is the global leader in providing virtual reality training and surgical simulation to the Healthcare Industry. With state-of-the-art training products and services in the market, …

      Published Nov 17, 2022 Metaverse

      Last Updated

    • ImmersiveView™ VR

      ImmersiveView™ VR

      ImmersiveView™ VR is compact and easily transportable, and loading patient-specific data is simple and efficient, making it a versatile choice in both planned procedures and acute trauma cases. The …

      Published Nov 16, 2022 Metaverse

      Last Updated

    • Ion PlanPoint Software

      Ion PlanPoint Software

      PlanPoint is a software platform, accessible from your planning laptop, that you can use to strategize your robotic-assisted bronchoscopy navigation and biopsy before you enter the procedure room. It …

      Published Nov 16, 2022 Metaverse

      Last Updated

    • My Intuitive

      My Intuitive

      On the web or on the go, you can access information to help you set goals and track your progress along the way. Surgeons can experience My Intuitive in action during our introductory educational …

      Published Nov 16, 2022 Metaverse

      Last Updated

    • Newgen Healthcare Payers

      Newgen Healthcare Payers

      Transform your healthcare payer processes and keep up with the needs and expectations of your members and providers. Streamline and future-proof your key processes, including appeals and grievances, …

      Published Nov 17, 2022 Metaverse

      Last Updated

    • OutSystems for Healthcare

      OutSystems for Healthcare

      Establishing meaningful engagement with patients, clinicians, and physicians to improve the outcomes of patient care and driving down the overall cost of serving patients may seem out of reach. …

      Published Nov 17, 2022 Metaverse

      Last Updated

    • Quixy


      Revolutionizing healthcare technology through the power of no-code digital transformation.

      Patient Management

      Make healthcare digital-first by introducing digital forms that register new patients and …

      Published Nov 17, 2022 Metaverse

      Last Updated

    • Reality Well Platform

      Reality Well Platform

      Carefully crafted bucket list experiences, serious games for aiding cognitive decline & interactive immersive experiences all in one easy to use platform. Cutting edge, fully modular and scalable …

      Published Nov 16, 2022 Metaverse

      Last Updated

    • Zoho Creator

      Zoho Creator

      Improve your healthcare business’ automation with the power of a HIPAA-compliant low-code platform. Use Zoho Creator to develop a custom healthcare management solution from scratch or use our …

      Published Nov 17, 2022 Metaverse

      Last Updated

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