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HintVR™ is a metaverse platform that touches multiple users in the Healthcare ecosystem


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Surgeons can use it to engage patients in immersive and interactive ways for pre-op and post-op consultation, Patients can learn effectively from 3D content achieving health literacy, Medical education, 3D immersive training (technical and non-technical) for hospital staff ( surgeons, doctors, nurses, paramedics) and for advanced visualisations helping surgeons during Pre-op planning and Image Guided Surgeries.

We are delivering the Best in Class metaverse platform experience for Healthcare professionals. HintVR™ solves the biggest challenge of Virtual Reality simulators, that is “Content”. More than 70% of VR simulator users are dissatisfied with the variety of content available for training. Our patent pending headband enables any healthcare professional to capture what they do in fully immersive interactive 3D.

HintVR™ is the first and only platform that enables imitation learning via virtual teleportation. To practise like an expert surgeon, nurse or paramedic, to see every detail from the experts vantage point and be able to piece together every bit of real information to have a better understanding and skill acquisition.

3D content creation simplified

Create 3D interactive immersive content effortlessly using our patent pending capture band without any interruption to your current workflow. The headband weighs less than 100g and is ideal for long hours of capture without causing any discomfort to the wearer

Tightly integrated ecosystem

HintVR™ platform integrates the HW and SW making way for a fully automated content capture process. Content capture is easier than recording videos on your smartphones

Advanced Algorithms

Our software is powered by advanced image processing algorithms that adjust the capture quality in any setting (example fully bright OR lights) letting you focus on your task


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