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Revolutionizing healthcare technology through the power of no-code digital transformation.

Patient Management

Make healthcare digital-first by introducing digital forms that register new patients and dashboards that provide a top-notch digital onboarding experience. Build workflows that manage how patients progress in your system, from registering while checking-in to billing while getting discharged, without a single line of code.

Digitize Healthcare Records

Move away from paper records. Digital capturing of patient’s data and medical history allows for data storage into an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system. The data hence stored is easily accessible, secure, accurate. Save time and costs as EMR require lesser storage requiremnets, lesser security and lesser personnel as compared to paper-based records.

Appointment Scheduling

Get rid of old-school appointment booking. With patient records and doctor schedules digitized, appointment scheduling can be done with a few clicks and touches. Generate reminder notifications via SMS/E-mail.

Staff Supervision and Management

Gain full visibility over the productivity and schedules of your staff. Create no-code solutions that empower your staff to go over their duties, weekly and daily appointments, meetings, etc. all in one place. Build custom applications for virtual onboarding and credentialing of new staff.

Inventory Management

Stay on top of your healthcare organization’s inventory needs by creating a database that is linked to modules such as assets and expenses. Workflows allow you to have full visibility over your medical inventory and send automated notifications to vendors and providers whenever there is a need to restock. Make better purchasing decisions for your medical equipment and resources, endowed with the power of useful and rich reports that can be generated in no time.

Claims Management

Make this crucial process as fast and effective as possible by building solutions to organize, record and update claims related to patient treatments and medications. Custom-built claims management softwares ensure a hassle-free process while implementing compliance and control maintenance.


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