FlowForma® Process Automation


FlowForma® Process Automation

Digital Transformation for Healthcare

Metaverse Process Automation

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Create incredible patient experiences with FlowForma® Process Automation. Drive digital transformation in your healthcare organization and rapidly automate processes to improve compliance and communication.

Productivity, collaboration and patient experience are always high on the agenda of any organization. From regularly working with healthcare organizations, we understand their challenges to support paper-lite initiatives, comply with regulation and increase time spent with patients.

FlowForma Process Automation is proven to make digital transformation easy in healthcare organizations. Our digital process automation tool helps maximize ROI by streamlining online processes - resulting in increased visibility, productivity and efficiency while delivering a high standard of patient care.


  • Meet Paper-Lite Initiatives

Paper shackles your potential - it can only ever be in one place. Files can take time to locate, access and move. Physical notes can be hard to care for, and can be illegible, incomplete or untraceable. Meet paper-lite initiatives with the removal of paper based processes to deliver the best possible patient care in a safe and timely manner.

  • Improving Clinician Processes

A common challenge in healthcare is maintaining the highest standards of clinical care within financial constraints. Simplify form filling to allow for clinicians to focus more on patient care. FlowForma Process Automation is about ‘doing more with less’, using the no-code tool to speed up processes without having to invest in complex system upgrades.

  • Efficient Hospital Admissions

Admission delays increase inpatient length of stay and hospital costs. The FlowForma Workflow tool allows the admission process to be adapted for each admission, executing steps and sending information immediately. Monitor bed availability, send automated alerts and receive lab results to accelerate diagnosis and prevent admission delays.

  • Improved Theater Notes

Faster and more effective communication helps healthcare professionals treat more patients with better success rates in less time. FlowForma Theater Notes is used for filling in all procedure details. By the time the patient returns to the ward all the information has been forwarded to the nurses who know exactly what needs to be done.


  • It aids paper process elimination

  • It empowers business experts to build their own processes

  • It follows LEAN principles

  • It provides complete process visibility and highlights bottlenecks

  • It enables cross departmental knowledge sharing

  • It is a no-code, logic only tool

  • It is a 3-in-1 toolkit, with forms, workflow and document generation

  • It is a cost-effective solution

  • It’s intuitive user interface encourages adoption

  • It provides better reporting

FlowForma® Process Automation

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