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Comprehensive Surgical Training using the power of Augmented and Virtual Reality


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ImmersiveTouch is the global leader in providing virtual reality training and surgical simulation to the Healthcare Industry. With state-of-the-art training products and services in the market, ImmersiveTouch is geared to meet your training or simulation needs. ImmersiveTouch is the training partner of choice for Medical Schools, Simulation Centers & Medical Device Manufacturers. We offer both AR and VR training platforms.

AR (ImmersiveTouch3™)

In AR, or augmented reality, we offer the ImmersiveTouch3 platform. With the use of specialized glasses, the user is placed into an interactive 3D environment. Trackers on the glasses keep the 3D anatomy in perspective with the user’s head motions, and the robotic stylus allows the user to feel every ridge and groove of the anatomy. Foot pedals control important simulation elements, such as the angle and frequency of fluoroscopy shots and the selection of surgical tools. The ImmersiveTouch3 platform is built into durable hardware and comes with an overhead monitor that allows others to watch real-time as the user goes through a simulation. The system is a great choice for educational programs.

VR (ImmersiveSim™)

Our VR platform, ImmersiveSim, provides users with a fully immersive experience. Compatible with Oculus, HTC, and Windows Mixed Reality systems, users put on a VR headset and are transported right into the middle of an operating room. While in the simulation, use of our robotic stylus replicates the sensation of using various surgical tools, and use of VR hand controllers replicate the user’s hand motions 1:1. ImmersiveSim is mounted on a mobile, compact cart with a computer monitor for collaborative viewing, making it a smart and portable option for use in hospitals.

  • Utilize a hand-held robotic stylus that mimics the use of relevant surgical tools and enables the appropriate tactile feedback.

  • Can be used to rehearse surgical procedures for enhanced clinical performance.

  • Incorporate patient specific CT/MRI scan data for heightened realism.

  • Use proprietary ultra-realistic haptic feedback to simulate the tactile sense of touch of operating on human anatomy, like the resistance of skin, tissue, and bone.


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