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OutSystems for Healthcare

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Establishing meaningful engagement with patients, clinicians, and physicians to improve the outcomes of patient care and driving down the overall cost of serving patients may seem out of reach. Breaking down department silos and moving to an integrated care approach is the only way to truly deliver a value-based care model. Your digital strategy is paramount to a successful transition.


  • Improve Clinical Productivity Through Data Transparency

Many Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDOs) have siloed systems that limit transparency and sharing of data across departments. In order to make a significant impact on clinical productivity, healthcare providers need to be able to consolidate multiple disparate data sources and systems into a single source of truth about the patient. Through our open API layer, OutSystems enables a HDO to consolidate all of these systems and data together, allowing a single view of the patient across departments so that physicians can make decisions with 100 percent of the data in real-time.

  • Drive Revenue Growth Through Personalized Patient Experiences

Consumer power within healthcare is growing at an incredible rate. OutSystems empowers healthcare providers to move to a patient-centric model by giving them the ability to rapidly build patient-facing apps for purposes such as researching their prescribed drugs, evaluating their treatment options, accessing and controlling their medical information, and more. Applications can be pushed across any platform for any device on a single code base that is secure and compliant to HIPAA, SOC, and HITRUST.

  • Streamline Operations; Care Beyond The Hospital

As patient-centric outcomes become the norm, providers have the opportunity to reduce their operational costs and meet the patient on their terms in their home environment. OutSystems allows an HDO to build omnichannel care solutions for both patients and physicians that range from telehealth systems, in-home care management, healthcare mobile apps, and beyond. The platform allows organizations to rapidly prototype, test with end users, and make changes within hours.

  • Improve Patient Care With Enhanced Analytics

Patient data is paramount. In order to move to a value-based care model, HDOs need to be able to harness the vast amounts of data spread across clinical, operational, and administrative systems and departments. They also need to be able to access third party data in order to make more informed decisions based on a true 360-degree view of their patients’ health history.

The OutSystems platform enables an HDO to not only build the business intelligence application interfaces into all of their systems but with the open API layer, HDOs can create a single 360-degree view of the patient by pulling in third-party unstructured data from sources such as wearable devices, mobile healthcare applications, health and wellness apps, and more.

OutSystems for Healthcare

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