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The increased demand inlong term care for chronic illnesses mandate regular intervention of evidence-based training and skill upgrades to reconfirm the primary care knowledge base. In addition to the primary care physician and consultants the nursing contribution to chronic diseases management is but unimaginably difficult to overlook. How does then one ensure that care is provided with the latest evidence- based model? With the healthcare sector booming and particularly CCM showing a potential to become a $50 billion industry by 2030, how can one get involved? All these questions are answered as part of the articles that contain information on the latest e-learning courses for clinical nurses, consultants and physicians to update their skills andobtain the adequate CME/CPD points as well through listing of the latest job opportunities in the chronic sector.
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The Ethical Complexity of Remote Workforce Monitoring

The Ethical Complexity of Remote Workforce Monitoring

Implementing ethical remote workforce monitoring measures is a balancing act that must take into account questions of privacy, legality, consent, and fairness. On the other side of the equation,