Health Workforce of the Digital Future: “Techlinical” Cross-Products

Health Workforce of the Digital Future: “Techlinical” Cross-Products

Posted Jun 1, 2021 from

COVID-19 has jolted the global discourse on public health into a rapid redo. To be or not to be is no longer a question or topic of debate for digital health. Embracing digital technology and data science for global health is the only way to reverse the pandemic in the short term, and to make health systems combat-ready for the future ones.

The paradigm of preparedness against future health threats will transform digital health; simultaneously, it shall also change the professional profile, skillset, and toolbox of frontline health soldiers.

For today’s health workers, digitalization of health systems and implementation of the connected care blueprint in a localized manner will shape new ways of doing their jobs. It will be in a hybrid format, comprising physical and digital care of patients in varied proportions to maximize health outcomes.

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