Daily Brief

Medtronic's Brain Monitoring

By providing insight into the direct and patient-specific effects of anesthesia on the brain, the BIS™ brain monitoring system helps clinicians determine and administer the precise amount of drug to meet the needs of each individual patient, leading to increased patient anesthesia satisfaction.

ForceTriad™ Energy Platform

Delivers enhanced monopolar and bipolar energy with the next generation of LigaSure™ technology in one unit. The platform is a full-featured electrosurgical system that provides electrosurgical cutting and coagulation, bipolar functionality, and vessel sealing in a single generator. The platform is the industry only full-featured energy platform with remote software upgrade capabilities.

Mayo Clinic's NLP2FHIR

The Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard was developed to meet a variety of clinical interoperability needs. In this showcase session, we will demonstrate a FHIR-based clinical data normalization pipeline known as NLP2FHIR developed at the Mayo Clinic and an application of this pipeline to perform EHR-based phenotyping.

Candidate Driver Analysis (CaDrA)

Researchers at Boston University’s School of Medicine are trying to make the job of identifying those causes easier with its Candidate Driver Analysis (CaDrA for short) tool, which they’ve made available free to members of the research community.

BP Centiles v1

The BP Centiles app reads a child’s relevant vitals and calculates systolic and diastolic blood pressure percentiles normalized by age, sex, and height. The app also includes a pop-up calculator and a graphical history of the child’s blood pressure percentile, enabling full screening at each visit. Color coding reveals at a glance whether individual readings are normal (green), prehypertensive (yellow), hypertensive (red), or hypotensive (blue).

CMSgov MIPS - Claims-to-Quality Analyzer

MIPS - Claims-to-Quality Analyzer - Open-Source - Architecture C2Q Analyzer repository read provider data and filter on quality codes, for each of 74 claims-based quality measures and for each provider, filter to relevant claims and calculate measures and aggregate for each provider. Measure Definitions Measure Classes The 74 measure definitions can be split into 5 main measure classes and a few measure specific classes: DateWindowEOCMeasure IntersectingDiagnosisMeasure MultipleEncounterMeasure PatientProcessMeasure PatientIntermediateMeasure ProcedureMeasure VisitMeasure CTScanMeasure Measure46 Measure407

Diabetes Monograph

Diabetes Monograph A different way to see a patient through his/her EMR data is to present needed data in disease-defined views. Based upon a production predecessor in clinical use at Partners HealthCare, the SMART Diabetes Monograph app is an initial prototype to demonstrate the mechanical usability and cognitive efficiency that monographs can provide for disease diagnosis and disease management.

Reporting for Healthcare - MGRID

The main objective of this platform is to transform consolidated medical information into answers to business questions, such as: Determine which patients are outside treatment bandwidth. This is especially important for chronic diseases, where the patient might participate and have limited real-life interaction with care professionals. Quickly determine a cohort of patients with a particular set of observations relevant to a new analytical study. Benchmark treatment centers A & B for a particular treatment of chronic patients.

Analytics for Healthcare

BI Explorer Better insight into patient data Make your medical data actionable BI Explorer is a web-based Business Intelligence tool that provides medical professionals with a powerful set of tools to get quick insight into medical data. National quality reports or key performance indicators can be displayed in a dashboard, a report, or an interactive table. Drilling down to the underlying data and the use of filtering, grouping and pivot operations lead to new insights and better informed decision making.