Social Determinants Of Health (SDOH) Management

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Social Determinants Of Health (SDOH) Management

Understand and manage your population's needs

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Do you know anyone using Social Determinants Of Health (SDOH) Management?

Understanding the factors that affect your population health can be tricky. With Innovaccer, help your patients find community services, track social needs, and coordinate care across the continuum to radically improve the health of the people you serve.

Comprehend the social needs of your patients and ensure seamless communication between your population and relevant community resources through:

  • Built-in surveys
  • Bulk outreach management
  • Real-time notifications

Unlock a wide breadth of social assistance services such as food, housing, financial and legal help, health services, et al. with Aunt Bertha for your patients in real-time. Identify needs and send and manage seamless referrals to the needed community resource.

  • The largest network of community resources
  • Major social needs categories covered
  • Hundreds of service type and filters
  • Manage your community resource
Social Determinants Of Health (SDOH) Management