Daily Brief

Pathology Management Software

Transforming Healthcare with automation Dashboard & Analytics All Key Performance Indicators in Single Snapshot for Dashboard Key analytics directly on your finger tips Notifications Instant Notification whenever a patient investigation request is forwarded to the Main Lab. Improved Coordination Effective Coordination between collection Center and Main Center since the reports are automatically transferred from system. Reduce Manual Efforts Automated charges can be applied by setting the default charges for all collection centres

MocDoc HMS

Hospital Management System Hospital Management System - OP Comprehensive OP Management from Doctor Discovery, Appointments, Check In, Billing, EMR, Prescription to mobile apps. Visual EMR Speciality wise EMR and Visual Case sheet. Option to create follow up visits while retaining the previous visit data. Auto fills to add commonly used case sheet data. Saves time and eliminates paper. Comprehensive Appointments Multi View Calendar to view Appointments for single doctor, for entire hospital and for multi location appointments.

Healthcare API's

Write compelling healthcare applications with Availity APIs Availity has built the most comprehensive network for health data in the nation, and now you can get and use that data through a variety of modes to meet your platform needs. You can reduce your development time with user interface and software development kits, and gain access to nearly a million providers and every major health plan nationwide. Let Availity handle the complexity of healthcare transactions while you put the data to work.

Business Intelligence

Better decisions with better reporting through Availity Business Intelligence Health plans rely on data to drive decision making, but when billions of clinical and administrative transactions are processed each year, it can be difficult to distinguish between early trend lines and statistical noise. Availity helps health plans cut through the clutter and gain insight into their data with a suite of powerful reporting tools. Our Business Intelligence solution leverages Availity’s unparalleled healthcare network, allowing health plans to analyze providers’ transactions, recognize trends and anomalies, and make more informed decisions.

Advanced Claims Editor

Advanced Claims Editor ACE allows providers to clean claims before adjudication Availity’s Advanced Claims Editing (ACE) is a comprehensive solution that reviews and edits claims against five categories; HIPAA, payer-specific administrative, duplicate claims, and member and provider eligibility. By stopping claims before they reach adjudication, health plans and providers can reduce administrative costs associated with managing claim denials. ACE resides within Availity’s ARIES platform, so health plans don’t have to change their adjudication process or add new infrastructure to receive cleaner claims.

eCOA capture

eCOA capture At the forefront of innovative solutions, Kayentis enables sponsors and CROs to implement an efficient eCOA strategy. Because one-size-fits-all is not the right approach, our complete range of devices allows us to adapt to the therapeutic area, the patient age, the study duration, and the study budget. TABLET To support site PROs / ClinRos / ObsRos: Clinicians, patients and caregivers complete entries directly on a Tablet as part of the patient visit.


Right Drug. Right Dosage. Right Patient. Every Time. Over 5 million scripts have been safely retrieved for patients using scripClip. Finally, your will call search is over! State-of-the-art pharmacy automation is now available for your will call area. The scripClip will call system helps pharmacy staff quickly and efficiently locate the right bag for the right customer, every time. Over 5 million scripts have been safely retrieved for patients using scripClip.

Particle API

Particle’s unique technology, We’ve packaged up several large data network spanning 90 percentage of all acute care EMRs across the country and built an API that takes care of - IHE integration - Compliance - Security - HIPAA authorization - Nationwide patient discovery - Data aggregation - Parsing and consolidation. In the end, Particle is the fastest onramp to the largest data networks in the US. The fastest & most affordable way to connect to the US healthcare system.


OneDraw OneDraw sweeps away obstacles to getting blood drawn-like pain, discomfort, multiple visits and wait times-that until now were accepted as unavoidable. By streamlining the blood draw process for patients and healthcare providers, OneDraw makes health care more comfortable and efficient. It’s the first step toward a world in which the health information with our bodies is rapidly and easily accessible. The OneDraw process is convenient and effortless, for the provider as well as the patient.


MedPass Right Patient. Right Pills. Right Dosage. Every Time. Our MedPass system was specifically designed to eliminate the margin of human error in administration of pills in long-term-care facilities. Shift changes, new patients, illegible handwriting, hectic schedules…all can result in errors when administering solid medication to patients. The MedPass system, with its unique, individual locking pill-dispensers eliminates these medication errors, so patients can rest assured that they receive the right pills, the right dosage, the right quantity, and from the right manufacturer.