Daily Brief

WebPT Software

WebPT The Most-Trusted Software in Outpatient Rehab You can have it all: compliant documentation, accurate claims, maximized payments, and more time with patients. Everything you need to reach your goals—in one platform: EMR Create correct, complete, and defensible patient records. Scheduling Manage appointment calendars and send automatic reminders. Billing Maximize your reimbursements with automatic claim submission. Reach Engage, gain, and retain patients with powerful patient marketing software. HEP Increase patient compliance and improve therapy outcomes.

Practice EHR

Practice EHR is a leading provider of cost-effective, cloud-based medical practice solutions that simplify workflows for effective patient care and financial and operational success. From electronic health records to practice management and revenue cycle management, Practice EHR provides integrated, specialty-specific solutions to more than 1,000 physicians in medical practices, long term care and home healthcare. Features: Easy To Use & Scalable Mobile Friendly Integrated & Automated Billing Expert RCM Services Free Practice EHR Clearinghouse ONC 2015 Certified EHR Shows appointment status details including historical statistics in a tabular format.

Mobile Worker

Today’s healthcare landscape is rapidly becoming more mobile as each year goes by. From the implementation of electronic medical records (EMR)/electronic health records (EHR) to the new option of virtual visits where patients can communicate and interact with providers from a mobile device, the ‘anywhere, anytime’ type of mindset is now widespread across the industry. With many aspects of the healthcare industry moving to mobile, case workers that spend much of their workday away from their desk performing on-site case visits have developed a significant need for a mobile solution that enables them to both communicate with fellow employees and document data.

NextGen Office

NextGen Office Specialty practices like yours are on the front lines of our nation’s healthcare. And too often staff and resources are stretched thin. Smart tools—such as a cloud-based, clinical and billing solution with mobile accessibility—make it easier to provide the highest quality of care and create a better experience, for patients and providers alike. Make life easy for your practice and your patients with specialty-specific EHR content, a convenient patient portal, and revenue-cycle management system on one integrated platform.

Kareo Medical Billing Software

You care for your patients, We care for your practice With Kareo's medical billing experts and best in class software and services working for you, you can be sure your billing and claims are being taken care of. Add to this our entire network of knowledge and experience, and you’re way ahead. When you sign up with our Medical Billing Services, you get more than just billing expertise—you get a team of specialists dedicated to your success.


Features and services With athenahealth’s electronic health records service, you can be sure you’re getting a cloud-based medical records service that intuitively organizes the patient visit, helps providers document faster and more accurately, and sets your practice up for future success - whether you’re a small practice or a large healthcare system. Clinical Efficiency: Intuitive workflows save providers and staff time, so that they can focus on what matters most - the patient.

Rhythm Master Suite

Rhythm is the heartbeat of healthcare. We offer an all-in-one, medical office platform so you can easily manage your entire practice, all locations and patient experience. You get flexible scheduling, simple charting, legendary billing, accurate reporting and easy-to-use patient engagement tools. Unified workflow. Cutting-edge security. Complete. Specialized tools for all roles including scheduling, charting, billing and patient relationship management. Unified. Workflow elements work seamlessly together, passing key information to staff throughout the continuum of care.

DrChrono EHR

The Most Advanced iPad EHR App- DrChrono EHR on iPad DrChrono pioneered the EHR app for iPad. Today, it is the most advanced cloud-based iPad EHR app in the App Store. With an end to end solution that seamlessly integrates patient engagement, scheduling, clinical workflow and medical billing, your practice can enjoy optimal productivity and maximum profitability. Sign up and download the DrChrono EHR app to enjoy rich features including customizable medical forms, patient self check-in kiosk mode, eRX w/ EPCS and more.

Particle API

Particle’s unique technology, We’ve packaged up several large data network spanning 90 percentage of all acute care EMRs across the country and built an API that takes care of IHE integration Compliance Security HIPAA authorization Nationwide patient discovery Data aggregation Parsing and consolidation. In the end, Particle is the fastest onramp to the largest data networks in the US. The fastest & most affordable way to connect to the US healthcare system.


OneDraw OneDraw sweeps away obstacles to getting blood drawn-like pain, discomfort, multiple visits and wait times-that until now were accepted as unavoidable. By streamlining the blood draw process for patients and healthcare providers, OneDraw makes health care more comfortable and efficient. It's the first step toward a world in which the health information with our bodies is rapidly and easily accessible. The OneDraw process is convenient and effortless, for the provider as well as the patient.