Daily Brief


Forge Forge is the most comprehensive solution and de-facto standard for FHIR profiling. Tailoring the FHIR specification to a specific use-case is an important aspect of the FHIR standard. This process is also known as profiling. While the FHIR spec targets all countries and all use cases, profiling allows you to define local use of FHIR. Away with Excel and XML Back in the day we used Excel or XML editors for this purpose, but these tools turned out to be insufficient for advanced use cases and a broad audience of modelers.

Zio AT

CLINICALLY SUPERIOR MOBILE CARDIAC TELEMETRY The reliability of Zio XT now comes with timely notifications. Unlike most MCTs, Zio AT specifically notifies you of the most actionable events and provides full data analysis in a comprehensive final report not just a duplicative summary of triggered events. AN INNOVATIVE APPROACH TO DATA COMPLETENESS AND INTEGRITY Zio AT is designed to give you more comprehensive, quality data than a typical MCT monitor.

Vital SyncMonitoring and Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Solution

OVERVIEW Clinical decision making. Uncomplicated. Caring for your patients. If you could make it easier, you would. With the Vital Sync monitoring and clinical decision support (CDS) solution, you can. Working side by side with clinicians like you, we created a customizable solution that makes your data smart, and actionable. Integrating your device data to a single platform, patient information becomes more meaningful. That, paired with your intuition, delivered to you wherever you are, on virtually any device.

ViSolve Patient Portal

ViSolve Patient Portal helps Healthcare practitioners provide superior care and real time consultation. Read out the features of ViSolve Patient Portal: Vitals View your vital signs information like blood pressure, height, weight and other medical details. Allergies Get information about your allergies, date when it was recorded and the current status of the allergy. Patient Documents Quickly upload any files from your previous providers and securely send them over to your practice.


Vincari Vincari is Computer Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) for surgeons and proceduralists. Vincari offers integrated, rule-based, post-operative documentation workflows designed to streamline the documentation and coding process. The rules around surgical documentation are constantly evolving.Vincari’s integrated workflows adapt to keep surgeons up to date with documentation requirements. With Vincari, surgeons can be more efficient by leveraging their historic usage and existing clinical information to reduce duplicate documentation. Use Cases Vincari gives surgeons integrated, rule-based workflows designed to capture the appropriate diagnostic and procedural specificity necessary for appropriate care and reimbursement When a patient encounter takes place, whether bedside or in a procedure room, Vincari captures all required patient information to generate clinical documentation and charge data in a single pass Key Features Intuitive Surgical Workflows Vincari Surgical CAPD offers integrated workflows that have been designed to flow the way surgeons have documented for years, making physician adoption more natural.

UniCel DxH Connected Workcell Solutions

Confidence in results Achieve first-pass accuracy, efficiency and reduced review rates, driven by Beckman Coulter’s DataFusion technology, which combines the strengths of enhanced Coulter Principle and VCS 360 Flow Cytometry Enhance visual cellular investigation of abnormal specimens using multidimensional high-definition cellular analysis Built-in automation Meet your lab’s increasing sample testing requirements with a scalable, built-in automation solution Distribute samples automatically between the analyzers using the bi-directional sample transport system, preventing any potential for delay in sample testing and the reporting of results Improve workflow and reduce TAT with auto-rerun and reflex testing, driven by user-defined decision rules Add critical STAT samples or body fluids without the need to interrupt routine sample testing Prepare and stain slides automatically, without the need for manual intervention, based on user-defined decision rules Workflow efficiency Connect up to three DxH 900s with a DxH Slidemaker Stainer II to form scalable and customized workflow solutions Increase data management with database consolidation for order entry, results review (up to 90,000 results) and quality control management (30 control files, each with 150 runs per instrument) Load samples at a single instrument input buffer, or at multiple instrument input buffers, regardless of instrument position Manage pre- and post-analytical processes efficiently through our automation and clinical information systems offerings

UniCel DxC 600i Synchron Clinical Systems

With the UniCel DxC 600i, you have: System throughput of up to 990 chemistry and 100 immunoassay tests per hour Combined onboard capacity of 89 different tests from a menu of more than 150 assays Included standard features: ClozCap™ closed-tube sampling and aliquoting technology On-the-fly loading of chemistry and immunoassay reagents and consumables while system is running Hands-free integrated aliquot preparation Streamlined parallel sample processing

Surgical Valet

SurgicalValet is a modular software suite that places clinicians at the center of the Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) and drives patient engagement, surgical care coordination, Surgical CDI, automated enhanced recovery pathways, readmission prevention and quality measures capture. ePreop’s SMART on FHIR® app and web-based user interface integrates with Cerner and works across PCs, smart phones and tablets From patient intake to readmission prevention and everything in-between, SurgicalValet streamlines and improves every part of the surgical encounter.

Self-Pay Coverage

Self-Pay Coverage Self-Pay coverage identification services for hospitals and health systems that want to decrease uncompensated care and reduce bad debt by helping patients find appropriate funding sources for medical bills. Reduce Uncompensated Care From Self-Pay Patient Accounts Uncover funding sources for self-pay patients to help decrease uncompensated care and the risk of bad debt. Simplify Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) enrollment by leveraging state-of-the-art technology.

Patient Chart App

Patient Chart App Patient Chart app allows users to view a person’s medical record on a local device (laptop, tablet or mobile phone) using OAuth 2.0 or Basic Auth (for system account only) framework that enables the app to obtain access to the medical record from the FHIR® server. This app is beneficial for both physicians and patients who like to view a longitudinal patient record by retrieving data from multiple sources, such as EMR, HIE, etc.