• Portea Critical Care

    Portea Critical Care

    Home is where healing happens best. Portea ICU@Home services are for Patients who are no longer in the acute phase of their illness but still require intensive care. ICU@Home services include the care …

    Posted Jan 27, 2022 Home Care

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  • CareRev Hospitals & health systems

    CareRev Hospitals & health systems

    Hire local, flexible, pre-qualified healthcare professionals. Spend less on travel contracts and overtime expenses. Create a more responsive, resilient workforce.


    • Post a shift

    Use the …

    Posted Jan 27, 2022 Hospital & Health System

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  • StrataJazz


    StrataJazz is rated #1 in KLAS for Decision Support and Advanced Cost Accounting is known as the “gold standard” for understanding cost and margins. Our hospital cost accounting software …

    Posted Jan 25, 2022 Business Decision Support

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  • Rx Refill

    Rx Refill

    The Rx Refill mobile application (app) to access prescription information, track VA prescription deliveries, view VA prescription history from the convenience of their mobile device. The app provides …

    Posted Jan 25, 2022 Prescriptions Electronic Health Records (EHR)

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  • AccuReg EngageCare

    AccuReg EngageCare

    Increase Net Revenue and Patient Safety and Satisfaction with AccuReg EngageCare

    Patient safety and satisfaction have never been more critical to your hospital’s success. Delivering on these …

    Posted Jan 25, 2022 Patient Access

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  • Wellframe's Digital Health Management platform

    Wellframe's Digital Health Management platform

    Comprehensive Digital Health Management platform offers proven scalable solutions for care management and advocacy. We help organizations extend their reach across more critical touchpoints, uncover …

    Posted Jan 24, 2022 Digital Health

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  • Trapollo's Hospital at Home

    Trapollo's Hospital at Home

    Bring quality hospital care to a comfortable at-home setting with our Hospital in Home program. Our at-home healthcare solution promotes better outcomes for certain conditions since some patients tend …

    Posted Jan 24, 2022 Home Health Home Health Monitoring

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  • Raziel's Platform

    Raziel's Platform

    Whether you operate in a fee for service model, risk-based or hybrid of both, Raziel’s Platform is built for today and scalable for tomorrow.

    Clinical Intelligence

    Raziel is built for point and …

    Posted Jan 22, 2022 Home Health

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  • Catholic Home Care Services

    Catholic Home Care Services

    Our skilled nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapy, and personal care services improve lives by providing care for our patients wherever they call home.

    We ensure seamless, coordinated …

    Posted Jan 22, 2022 Home Health Home Care

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  • Avera Home Health Care

    Avera Home Health Care

    Whether recovering from a major illness or living with a chronic health condition, you and your loved ones can benefit from home health care tailored to your needs. Take advantage of coordinated …

    Posted Jan 21, 2022 Home Health Care

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