Daily Brief

LivaNova- Solo Smart

LivaNova- Solo Smart The only native-like aortic valve with stented-like implantability.Solo Smart offers all the benefits of a stentless valve with an easier and smarter implantability. Solo Smart is designed to provide superior hemodynamic performance to help patients return to their normal lifestyle. Solo Smart is 100percentage pure tissue: No stent, no suture ring and therefore no obstructions to blood flow. No synthetic material: Solo Smart behaves like a healthy native valve.

LivaNova- Perceval

LivaNova- Perceval Perceval is the 100percentage sutureless valve for aortic valve replacement. It is designed to be highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of surgical approaches, including traditional and minimally invasive. The Biological Valve of Choice In AVR The truly sutureless solution in AVR: Perceval helps reducing complexity even in challenging and time consuming procedures52,62 With a reproducible surgical technique: Perceval allows precise positioning both in MICS and traditional surgery45,62

LivaNova B-Care5

LivaNova B-Care5 LivaNova B-Care5 is the First In-Line Blood Monitoring System Fully Integrated into a Heart-Lung Machine (HLM).Designed for use with the S5 perfusion systems, B-Care5 monitors three vital parameters: Venous saturation Hematocrit Venous temperature These parameters are shown on the HLM’s display and control module (DCM).To maintain an accurate perfusion record, all measured blood values are automatically transferred to the Data Management System (DMS). Less ancillary equipment The new sensor module is plugged into the E/P pack of the HLM, eliminating the need for an external mast- mounted SAT/HCT blood monitor.

ERC-Electrical Remote-Controlled Tubing Clamp

ERC-Electrical Remote-Controlled Tubing Clamp The Electrical Remote-Controlled Tubing Clamp (ERC) is designed for operation with the SCP system to improve the safety of centrifugal perfusion. Using state-of-the-art technology, LivaNova has developed this added safeguard against air delivery during centrifugal blood perfusion. Ultimate ease of use When certain conditions are detected (low level, bubble or retrograde flow), the ERC occludes the arterial line immediately to minimize the danger of air delivery. The clamp can be opened and closed at any time by pressing the respective key on the SCP control panel or by manually opening or closing the clamp head.

LivaNova Revolution

LivaNova Revolution With revolution, you will achieve desired flow rates with minimal revolutions per minute. Thanks to its open impeller design, it is easy to prime and debubble. The ferrous particle impregnated nylon magnet is injection molded with features that, combined with the impeller, improve durability. Seal-less, low friction bearings improve pump head reliability and reduce heat build up and resultant hemolysis. The impeller design with six large wash-out holes maintains a continuous flow path-free of vane-tip vortices.

LivaNova Connect system

LivaNova Connect system An innovative and intuitive perfusion charting system The Connect system minimizes transcription errors, bias and all the drawbacks associated with manual operations. Connect allows trending and electronic transfer of data from LivaNova disposables. The perfusionist accesses all perfusion data on one screen allowing more time to concentrate on the patient and circuit facilitating optimal patient management. All data is then exported back to the Manager database where the clinician may consult case per case for statistical and inventory analysis, generate and export or print complete electronic medical records.

CP5-Centrifugal Pump System

CP5-Centrifugal Pump System The CP5 Is Designed to Improve Outcomes for Traditional Bypass, Mini-Bypass and Kinetic Assist Venous Drainage. When integrated with the leading S5 HLM, it becomes the ultimate perfusion tool engineered to meet the varying needs and demands of all cardiopulmonary applications. Features: Improved safety with links to level, bubble and pressure alarms that either completely occlude the arterial line or activate “ramp down” features to protect the patient while the alarm situation is resolved.


Autotransfusion XTRA XTRA, LivaNova’s latest extraordinarily innovative, intuitive and powerful ATS system, featuring innovative technological characteristics, ease of use and powerful performance, has been supporting clinicians in meeting Patient Blood Management goals. Above all, XTRA has helped over one million patients reduce allogeneic transfusion risks and shorten their hospital stays.

TandemLung kit

TandemLung kit The TandemLung Kit is designed to address two major roadblocks that have prevented emergent veno-venous cardiopulmonary bypass from becoming a new standard of care: the difficulty of initiating support and suboptimal gas exchange rates with devices currently available. TandemLung RA-PA Configuration with ProtekDuo The TandemLung kit is designed to address two major roadblocks that have prevented emergent veno-venous cardiopulmonary bypass from becoming a new standard of care; the difficulty of initiating support, and the level of complexity of devices and patient management.

TandemLife Kit

TandemLife Kit TandemLife was designed with this issue in mind, the easy to prime pump and oxygenator will enable you to stabilize the patient quickly. TandemLife provides more than quick support, it gives you time to assess patients’ conditions and determine a more long term strategy. Leveraging the TandemLife platform at the onset of the acute event will enable a transition to a higher degree of support later. The TandemLife kit components are indicated for temporary cardiopulmonary bypass up to 6 hours.