Daily Brief

Saviant Machine Learning (ML) Consulting & Development

Our data science consulting teams are equipped with specialized skill sets including R, Matlab, Data Science, Data Modeling, Algorithms, Data Engineering, and Machine Learning. Our team of machine learning consultants is at the forefront of developing intelligent solutions on top of any open source technologies like Apache Spark, Jupyter Notebook, Python, Docker, Conda, or Kubernetes.

PureSoftware Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services

PureSoftware, a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service provider has vast experience in implementing RPA solutions to projects and deep end-to-end involvement in management. PureSoftware has automated numerous use cases across multiple industry verticals and is a chosen partner for RPA services that help clients deliver key value-adds like Significant Reduction in Efforts, Optimized Costs and Faster Time to Market.

Philips Wearable Biosensor Wireless Remote Sensing Device

Philips wearable biosensor provides a convenient and comfortable way to keep watch of patients in need of frequent monitoring. This self adhesive biosensor automatically and continuously measures vital signs, body posture and step count, and detects falls. The wireless device is capable of continuously monitoring heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature, and other parameters.

OrbitaASSIST- Virtual Bedside Assistant

OrbitaASSIST is a digitally reimagined voice powered, AI driven virtual health assistant proven to improve patient communication at the bedside. This market proven solution offers an alternative or adjunct to traditional nurse call systems. It is providing educational resources and an interacting with patients to confirm requests and combat social isolation.

Orbita's Voice-Based Assistants

It is a communication platform that connects you with the support you need to take charge of your health. Patients under care at home want to be safe and well, but they do not want to be monitored. It simplifies access to personalized, relevant health and wellness information and resources.

NeuroFlow for Behavioral Health

NeuroFlow is a complete behavioral health platform. It uses a multi pronged approach to treating behavioral health. Patients can tap into digital support tools and additional resources, while providers can use the platform for care coordination. NeuroFlow promotes behavioral health access & engagement in all care settings to improve outcomes, wellness, and cost of care.

Lumeon's Post-Acute Care Solution

Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management platform enables providers to unite post acute teams around a shared, longitudinal pathway. It helps providers create pathways that span the 90-day follow up period, allocating care team resource and automated assistance, according to patient needs, so you can manage more patients, more effectively.

Lumeon COVID-19 Remote Home Monitoring

This solution sends patients a screening form via SMS which assesses symptom severity, as well as any underlying conditions which may put them at risk. At risk patients can be automatically enrolled onto an SMS home monitoring program, with automated escalation to your centralized clinical team, if responses indicate deterioration.

IBM RPA (Robotic Process Automation) with Automation Anywhere

IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere, a part of the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business, augments its traditional RPA capabilities with extra automation. Based on traditional hub-and-spoke architecture, IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere offers flexible, security-rich, and centralized control consisting of three components: bot creators, control rooms, and bot runners.