Daily Brief

Hqsoftware Machine Learning (ML) for Data Analytics Solution

We will make the ML algorithm understand what the Data Analytics system needs from it. For example, if the goal is for your algorithm to spot a particular object among thousands of images, the algorithm is exposed to images with and without the object and taught to precisely pick the right ones. This Machine Learning model is allowed to work independently to discover the right information required for the Data Analytics system.

First Line Software Machine Learning Services

Machine learning is often a key element of a new system and requires special engineering and analytical skills. First Line has developed a data management methodology that incorporates the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence for various use cases and clients. This methodology includes three phases: business analysis, implementation of the data pipeline, and development of ML models.

CORE Digital Stethoscope

Eko is your partner in providing the highest standard of cardiovascular care. Use Eko to amplify heart and lung sounds, visualize what you hear, and preview the industry’s most advanced heart sound AI. Improving patient outcomes is our collective challenge. Deployed across the system, Eko Enterprise is a powerful HIPAA compliant platform, enabling earlier detection and data-driven home monitoring of cardiovascular disease.

Chetu Machine Learning Development Services

Considering the complexity and newness of the technology, integrating AI and machine learning solutions into a business’s current IT stack can seem like a daunting task. That’s where Chetu comes in. Our AI engineers provide machine learning development services applicable to several different verticals, including healthcare, marketing, and banking.

AxS Health App

AxS Health App is a platform connecting patients and providers. It offers telemedicine, and patient communication, enabling practices to improve access and deliver care simply. Using AxS, you can enjoy uncommon simplicity in the provider-patient relationship, from digital patient on boarding to telemedicine to mobile messaging.

Appian Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions

Appian Robotic Process Automation helps remove mundane tasks so employees can focus on driving real impact throughout the organization. Appian RPA is part of Appian’s full-stack automation, which combines RPA, workflow, decision rules, AI, and case management, giving you the right technology for the right use case.

AEGIS Machine Learning Services

Our ML services consist of developing customized machine learning solutions for specific business needs. Based on your industry and the working of your company. We create a specialized plan for our ML development services to provides you with in-depth insights. Our ML experts are highly capable of creating a brand-new ML program from scratch as a solution to your business challenges.

Webtunix Object Tracking Services

We offer you many video annotation services. With our high-quality tech tools, we aim to deliver the best videos by annotating them. We have an efficient steady object tracking tool that is powered by our machine learning models. All you need to do is provide us the video URL or link, and you’re good to go.

Saviant Machine Learning (ML) Consulting & Development

Our data science consulting teams are equipped with specialized skill sets including R, Matlab, Data Science, Data Modeling, Algorithms, Data Engineering, and Machine Learning. Our team of machine learning consultants is at the forefront of developing intelligent solutions on top of any open source technologies like Apache Spark, Jupyter Notebook, Python, Docker, Conda, or Kubernetes.