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A complete revenue cycle management solution

Revenue Cycle Management

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CareCloud Concierge is a complete revenue cycle management solution that allows you to shift the heavy lifting around getting paid, so you can focus more on patients and worry less about collections. Modern RCM software and real-time analytics combine with our specialized back-office team to help your practice improve profitability, eliminate administrative burdens, and adapt better to industry change.

RCM Experts:

Specialized billing, remittance & collection experts optimize your payment cycle.

Personalized Advice:

Personalized support and strategic advice from a highly engaged account manager.

Fully Integrated:

Seamless integration with CareCloud Central PM, Charts EHR and Breeze PXM.

Intelligent Billing:

CollectiveIQ, our advanced library of 180m+ automated billing rules, delivers over 97% composite resolution rate.

Advanced Analytics:

Tap into our powerful analytics and reporting suite to make better decisions, quicker.

Local Support:

US-based support team for prompt and helpful answers on everyday questions.

CareCloud Concierge