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The objective of this ontology is to expand the Triple Aim to a “Quadruple Aim” by adding physician engagement. As per an article on Healthcare Innovation group 1, Dr. Bill O’Connor, explains how, adding physician engagement will allow the industry to focus on improving the way our clinicians work and deliver care. This is a necessary element to help reduce costs and significantly improve the health of our population.

Medigy’s HDO ILO:

Enhances the HDOs efficiency to achieve the Quadruple Aim

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement developed a framework that was later expanded to Quadruple Aim. Widely accepted by HDOs, this framework provides a means for optimizing health system performance. Medigy’s ontology will help achieve each of the quadrant below:

Evidently, most clinicians have expressed common issues around the forced use of poorly implemented health IT systems, safety and security concerns while using the tools, burdensome administrative tasks and much more. This mandates the hospital and health system leaders to look for ways to improve the innovation lifecycle and prioritize efforts to streamline innovation across their facility to achieve the quadruple aim. In addition, burnout is associated with lower patient satisfaction, reduced health outcomes, and increased costs. Unless the barriers around innovation adoption are addressed, delivering quality care at a reasonable cost will be a challenge. Medigy’s HDO Innovation Lifecycle Ontology helps address this problem by proposing a framework that innovation practitioners can use to build and measure successful innovations.

Helps HDOs turn innovation labs into commercial profit centers

By integrating Medigy’s Innovation Lifecycle Ontology into the current innovation workflow and practices, hospitals and health systems can turn their successful in-house work into commercial offerings that other hospitals and health systems can benefit from. Medigy’s crowd -sourced evaluation platform will help in the easy discoverability of the innovation that can benefit other healthcare organizations.

Offers advice to innovation stakeholders at HDOs on how best to keep track of innovations

Medigy’s ILO and the innovation Lifecycle community of practice enables innovation diffusion, dissemination, and implementation easier by allowing you to learn from your peers. HDOs can manage the entire innovation lifecycle in a single platform – from News & Feeds to Events, qualitative experience, and quantitative evaluations. Find products and services that fit into the ontology framework and share what you find with your peers, to make a name for yourself, and become a recognized thought leader.

HDO ILO aims to suppress the innovation bubble 2. As per the article by Dr. Sachin Jain’s article (paraphrased): ‘There’s a disconnect between the visionary ideas and the reality of how care is delivered. There is a boom in innovation minute to minute in healthcare however the actual experience of delivering and receiving care has hardly changed.’

The above situation could be due to the absence of a clear execution plan to bring the visionary ideas to life or perhaps ignorance due to a lack of skill sets in the innovation ecosystem.

Medigy’s HDO ILO is basically to help resolve (suppress this innovation bubble) by providing the visionaries and front liners a structured framework to follow, and help set innovation expectations & measure the desired outcomes. This is to help replicate this innovation workflow multifold to quantify success. Moreover, Medigy Certified Innovation programs will help fill the gap in the skillsets.

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