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CVS Pharmacy app introduces feature for people with visual impairments

CVS Pharmacy has announced Spoken Rx, a new feature to its app that can read a specific prescription label out loud for patients with visual impairments or who cannot read standard print labels. CVS plans to add RFID labels to its prescriptions at 1,500 pharmacy locations by the end of 2020. These smart labels can be scanned by the Spoken Rx feature in the app and then read out loud in either English or Spanish.

How a Health System Optimized EHR Documentation For Telehealth

July 06, 2020 - Since COVID-19 swept through the Sunshine State, Nemours Children’s Health System has had a 2,200 percent increase in telehealth demand. The hospital saw roughly 30,000 telehealth visiting in April, compared to 800 at the same time last year. But that success came with one immense hurdle: pivoting the EHR documentation process. While the hospital has had telehealth infrastructure built into its EHR for quite some time, Dr.

New Data Shows Heavy EHR Adoption Investment Prior to HITECH Act

July 01, 2020 - A new report published in the Journal of Informatics in Health and Biomedicine (JAMIA) is challenging the statistic that only 9 percent of hospitals had completed a basic EHR adoption by 2008, a key figure on which the 2009 HITECH act hinged. In fact, 73 percent of hospitals had started EHR adoption in 2008, and the majority of hospitals had implemented six of the 10 basic EHR components.