Remote patient monitoring to reduce readmissions and improve patient satisfaction

Remote patient monitoring to reduce readmissions and improve patient satisfaction

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Digital technologies enable remote patient monitoring and access to care, which can help improve patient outcomes and alleviate health system pressures.

We talked to the cofounders, Tanvi V. Abbhi and Nora Zetsche, about the power of data-driven insights combined with intuitive technology to transform healthcare.

  • Disease management systems can serve as initial triage points to give patients feedback on whether they should seek medical help or not, which is especially beneficial now, when the world is collectively fighting a pandemic.
  • Patients diagnosed with NYHA class III or IV congestive heart failure were identified and enrolled in the Veta Health platform upon or soon after hospital discharge with the goal of measuring the impact on 30-day hospital readmission rates.
  • Following 45 days, patients enrolled in the Veta Health platform had 75% reduced hospital readmission compared to the control group and patient satisfaction also improved by 70.1 The pathway to success for remote patient monitoring solutions HT: Having been successful in offering digital solutions, what insights can you share to healthcare executives in this space, or who want to integrate digital technologies to further grow their business?
  • 3 Look beyond provider-patient relationships and provide opportunities for patients to participate in their health journey If the patient feels like they’re just following orders from a doctor, they might feel less invested in actually doing it (or worse, feel rebellious against it).
  • Sales to hospitals and health systems are not scalable when you are a startup.

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