3D Printing in Medicine And Healthcare – The Ultimate List In 2021

3D Printing in Medicine And Healthcare – The Ultimate List In 2021

Posted Jul 14, 2021 from

3D Printing in Medicine: in recent years 3D printing in medicine took a massive leap. Check out our list of 3D printed medical equipment here!

How does 3D printing in medicine work?

3D printing in medicine is part of the innovative process called additive manufacturing, which means producing three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. How the technology works, we explained the technology in our article on bioprinting here.

As technology evolves, researchers work on various solutions. For example, engineers from the University of Buffalo have created a novel technology speeding up the printing process itself. What’s remarkable about this particular hydrogen-based technology is that it’s way faster than previous 3D printing methods. Like, up to 50 times faster.

3D printing in medicine and healthcare could revolutionise drug creation and the production of medical equipment. It could also offer new methods for practising medicine, optimising supply chains, and propose cheaper and way more personalized medical services. Let’s see the most promising examples!

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