Post-COVID Software Trends for Small Physician Practices

Post-COVID Software Trends for Small Physician Practices

Posted Jul 14, 2021 from

After the great telehealth rush of 2020, healthcare providers who could offer HIPAA-compliant services while also being able to access their patients’ complete healthcare information remotely, came out ahead of the game. The practices that continued operating their organizations in a way that met the healthcare needs of their patients in a ‘no-beats-missed’ fashion achieved greater patient satisfaction and outcomes due to the continuity of care. 

But across the country, this scenario was the exception more than the rule. Most independent practices didn’t have the right software in place to meet rapidly shifting demands and ensure a unified data experience. Providers found they could perform certain tasks, but due to data siloes, their workflow and business continuity was significantly hindered. And patients ultimately suffered. 

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