IL CoP Charter

Medigy is looking for practitioners to join the conversation by contributing original guest posts.

Preferred Writer Traits

You will get our attention if you are:

• An innovation professional, passionate about evidence-driven, quantitatively analyzable innovation strategies for new care models and technology strategies to achieve better patient outcome goals.

• A senior executive or execution specialist in healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) with knowledge of the innovation lifecycle within HDOs.

• Willing to contribute at least one original article every month OR at least one commented curation submission per week.

What Would You Get?

You will get the chance to:

• Share your innovation lifecycle ideas with the world.

• Build personal brand in the healthcare innovation space without the hassle of editing and distribution via web, e-mail and social channels.

• Help companies focus on patient-centered innovation workflows that address the actual needs of health systems.

• Teach others how to deliver innovation for sustainable healthcare impact.

What Do We Write About?

Generally, all our content stays within the limits of innovation in the healthcare industry. Specifically, we cover the following seven innovation lifecycle steps outlined in the IL CoP charter. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

Innovation Expectations: What are the best goal management frameworks (e.g., OKRs, KPIs, etc.) and other outcome measures that innovation professionals should use?

Innovation Discovery: Where do you find the best innovations?

Innovation Intelligence and Evaluation: What are the best evaluation frameworks to test whether the discovered innovations can meet expectations?

Innovation Pilots and Early Adoption: How do you pilot and set up early adopter incentives for innovations?

Innovation Decision Support: How do you decide when to scale an innovation?

Innovation Procurement: How should you budget, pay for and acquire innovations (e.g., RFIs, RFPs, etc.) and other procurement strategies?

Innovation Diffusion, Adoption, and Implementation: Presentation of the innovation to your organization, acceptance by the decision makers, integration of innovation into the existing culture.

Innovation Termination: How an oversight on the part of the health facility can lead to a failure of widespread adoption and how to avoid such mistakes?

Innovation Careers: What are the common myths around the topic of innovation lifecycle careers? Specialized career guidance and the latest trends – with a laser-sharp focus on the healthcare innovation context. Evolving roles and responsibilities of CIOs at hospitals.

Return on Innovation: Is an innovation financially viable?, What’s the ROI?, How long will it take to break even? etc.

Innovation Insights and Recognition: At what point do you know that an innovation has succeeded or failed and how should you recognize the individuals that made it happen?

Type of Content We Prefer

We are striving to create healthcare innovation content that is focused on actual practice instead of theoretical ideas. We love execution-ready, action-packed advice.

Instead of churning out the obvious, we are interested in highlighting myths and misconceptions which prevent innovation diffusion. We want content that contributes to the evidence and quantification of success in healthcare innovation.

We want to know what people and companies did to pull off a successful and sustainable healthcare innovation project. But we also want to know what they did not do and could have done better. In this way, the experiences of others become truly valuable to all innovators.

In summary, our readers are more interested in WHY and HOW and less interested in WHAT. The articles should lean towards how-to guides, where knowledge can be applied.

We seek articles that scrutinize current challenges executives face as they make technology decisions for their organizations – mistakes, facts, myths and misconceptions - to achieve the desired objective.

Tie Content to the Quadruple Aims

The articles should focus on the many innovation lifecycle steps outlined in the rest of this document and help to achieve one or more of the following quadruple aims:

(a) Lower Healthcare Costs;

(b) Better Patient Experience;

(c) Enhanced Care Provider Wellbeing; and

(d) Improved Population Health.

Who Do We Write For?

We write content with a specific focus on the following groups:

• Innovation professionals working in healthcare facilities including hospitals, health systems, clinics and labs.

• CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, CIOs, CFOs, IT Directors, Managers and other decision makers working in healthcare settings.

• Academic research institutions involved in pilot research studies.

• Independent medical practitioners.

• People who want to understand innovation in the healthcare context.

• Anyone who wants to reduce clinical risks by embracing innovation successfully in healthcare settings.

What Is Our Writing Process?

  1. The Writer submits a couple of titles of relevant topics for an initial approval.

  2. We work together to refine a topic and create an online.

  3. The Writer creates a first draft.

  4. Our editor reviews the draft and provides detailed feedback.

  5. The Writer incorporates the feedback and submit the second draft.

  6. Editor reviews and sends back final edits.

  7. The Writer prepares the final draft and submits it to the editor.

  8. We confirm receipt within one week of the final draft submission.

  9. We publish and notify the writer within one month of the final draft.

  10. We handle distribution, but additional help is appreciated!

What You’ll Get

We offer free services to all of our writers to help them write engaging posts and share them with thousands of readers. These services include:

• Keyword research for SEO.

• Professional editing and proofreading.

• Visuals and media.

• Distribution across Medigy’s network, including Medigy HDO Leadership Monthly and Medigy Innovation Leadership Monthly.

• A backlink to a website of your choice.

• Promotion of your content across various social media channels.

• An opportunity to nominate yourself and win the spotlight in our bimonthly Medigy Awards Program that will recognize eminent contributors for sharing actionable insights. (Winners will be announced in the monthly Medigy newsletters.)

• An opportunity to appear as an expert in a podcast session with Shahid Shah on HCBiz in our series “Medigy Innovator Practitioner of The Month.”

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