IL CoP Charter

The Medigy Innovation Lifecycle (IL) Community of Practice (CoP) Module brings together innovation practitioners across healthcare institutions. More than just another social media group, the IL CoP is a practitioner-first online collaboration environment for healthcare delivery and healthcare financing stakeholders who must get real work done.


The IL CoP caters to the following stakeholders:

• Digital health innovation practitioners responsible for discovering and deploying practical solutions.

• Healthcare delivery professionals (HDPs) such as doctors and nurses supporting the selection and evaluation of innovations as a core part of their daily responsibilities.

• Any allied healthcare professionals who primarily care for patients but aid in the piloting of innovative solutions.

• Innovation regulators charged with ensuring safety and efficacy of innovative solutions used by healthcare delivery professionals caring for patients.

• Procurement professionals responsible for valuing, pricing, negotiating, and purchasing products, services, and solutions.

• Consultants, analysts, and influencers who guide any of the stakeholders mentioned above.

The stakeholders described above come together at the Medigy IL CoP to share problems definitions, define expectations, establish measures and metrics, describe best practices and, most importantly, create new knowledge to advance the professional practice of innovation procurement.

The IL CoP guides practitioners through the entire Innovation Lifecycle, from Discovery to Diffusion, by sharing actionable insights that keep them on top of the innovation game. IL CoP features content and fosters discussions across stakeholders that lead to successful implementation of innovations driving better evidence-driven outcomes in care. Case studies and professionals’ reflections on their mistakes, misconceptions, and failures are also an important focus of this community of practice.

The IL CoP is an ongoing dialog, specifically designed to help you harness innovation and significantly improve the quality of care. By being a part of this platform, practitioners who must get things done can transform ambitions into a cutting-edge innovation practice that can effectively engage end-users, optimize operations, and overcome challenges in procurement and innovation diffusion.

Each phase of the innovation lifecycle is important and true practitioners who must get things done need to master each of them, starting with the most important phase – the expectations. 1


  1. E. Herzlinger, Why Innovation in Health Care Is So Hard, May 2006 ↩︎

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