Barriers to Healthcare Innovation

Barriers to Healthcare Innovation

Posted Jul 29, 2021 from

All of us who work in healthcare know that there are many barriers that prevent great ideas from getting to market. The AMA estimates that it takes 23 months on average for new technology to be deployed in a healthcare system. In that time period, hospitals and their vendors negotiate terms, discuss integration, coordinate implementation, and go through a lengthy IT security assessment process. Often an important and mandatory requirement of every new vendor relationship, existing IT security assessment processes are overly complex, burdensome, and highly inefficient. This complexity impacts the entire healthcare ecosystem, stifling growth and inhibiting innovation, which ultimately can delay improved patient outcomes.

We’ll look at the pros and cons of current methods that hospitals are using to assess vendors and also ways to accelerate this collaborative process to help lifesaving advancements get to market faster

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  • Barriers to Healthcare Innovation

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