5 Things CIOs Need to Consider When Moving to the Cloud

5 Things CIOs Need to Consider When Moving to the Cloud

Posted Sep 4, 2021 from

This past year has tested organizations’ abilities to transform and serve customers in new ways: financial services companies had to rethink the way they delivered services in a world where the physical location was no longer a competitive advantage since none of their customers could physically visit their branches. Retailers had to adapt their operations to match their customers’ most pressing needs: ordering food online, receiving it at home, and paying with touchless applications. Very few industries were spared: according to Deloitte, Covid-19 accelerated the digital transformation plans of more than two-thirds of CEOs.

CIOs played an important role in this transformation. And, while in the past, CIOs might have been perceived as the ‘enabler’ of a company’s digital and data transformation, they now have had the opportunity to become the ‘driver’ of business change and value for their company

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