How Technology Can Unlock the Value of SDOH

How Technology Can Unlock the Value of SDOH

Posted Mar 16, 2021 from

Given the importance of SDOH in determining individual and population health outcomes, it’s clear that payers and providers can benefit from a comprehensive and secure medical and social longitudinal health record that captures SDOH data points to connect patients with community resources that address unmet social needs – reducing healthcare costs while improving lives.

By having SDOH data available at the point of care, clinicians and other caregivers have a comprehensive view of the patient, enabling them to approach care holistically and take action.

Screening tools can be augmented with external data sets, such as the 12 Dimensions of the Social Environment, for which the CDC has created a directory.

Digitization of the unstructured data sets using Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms can provide a wealth of information for enhancing the longitudinal health record of the patients.

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