Digital, Omnichannel Platforms Modernize Patient Access

Digital, Omnichannel Platforms Modernize Patient Access

Posted Mar 13, 2021 from

Despite more widespread adoption of telehealth solutions, most healthcare facilities and providers still lack the technology needed to drive interoperability and accessibility on a large scale.

Given the major disruption to in-person care caused by the pandemic, however, modernizing patient access communications has become an urgent priority for healthcare organizations. Now that patients want to securely interact with providers in a more productive and convenient way, providers need to create efficiencies that result in better care and increased revenue.

Of course, modernized patient access and virtual care is not possible without the deployment of advanced contact center technology. Having a nimble, cloud-based platform is critical to healthcare organizations as they look to modernize patient access now and into the future.

If healthcare organizations do not meet patients where they are, they will lose patients and be left behind.

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