Guiding Principles for Better Data Interoperability in Healthcare

Guiding Principles for Better Data Interoperability in Healthcare

Posted Feb 11, 2021 from

Data is the new solar and a precious asset for any business. In healthcare, it is the very fabric from which smart and evidence-based decisions are made. With the continued expansion of big data, it will become even more important to leverage cognitive and machine learning capabilities and analyze data cohorts. This will help deliver new business models and new insights to improve health outcomes, patient engagement, and coordination across the care continuum.

Often patients want to be active participants rather than passive recipients of healthcare services, which is made possible by new digital tools that provide them with the insights they need to support and inform them. Whether inside or beyond hospital boundaries, the patient journey must be supported with real-time data to enable both clinical and non-clinical pathways to be coordinated to deliver high-quality care. 

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