Healthcare Consumerism Will Be the Driving Force Post-COVID-19

Healthcare Consumerism Will Be the Driving Force Post-COVID-19

Posted Feb 11, 2021 from

Healthcare cost, quality, and convenience are the driving forces for healthcare consumerism—or how patients use information and technology to make informed decisions. Today’s environment has pushed consumers to find the most cost-effective care and seek out information about providers, physicians, payment plans, and options.

To meet new consumer expectations, healthcare institutions will need to adopt consumer-centric models and technology solutions focused on education and transparency, with streamlined communications and advanced payment processing.

Payment cycles have also been digitized (like software and technology to support real-time payments)—without this, consumers are often left in the dark about healthcare costs and options. Consumer-centric healthcare models and technology solutions must be considered to allow for greater transparency, education and payment understanding.

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