How AI Can Help With Vaccination

How AI Can Help With Vaccination

Posted Feb 11, 2021 from

The world got mobilized for an incredible COVID-19 fight. The first vaccines are out. Now the entire planet is facing three huge challenges – manufacturing, distribution, and administration of the vaccine. Leaders and managers need to make decisions they never imagined before. The AI community, from startups to tech giants, is contributing to this enormous effort.

Meanwhile, existing AI solutions are being swiftly repurposed for vaccine distribution and administration – this reduces guesswork, for instance, for site-based vaccine needs to be based on COVID-19 spread and waves. AI-enabled supply chain optimization, inventory management, logistics, demand prediction, and facility staffing are just the most prominent examples.

The best way to think of AI is how to make people more confident and organizations more productive. Employ AI to compensate for human limitations, for example, by offloading repetitive work to AI and by giving people more clarity about the vaccine.

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  • How AI Can Help With Vaccination

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