KLAS: Drug Diversion Monitoring

Drug Diversion is the illegal or illicit abuse of prescription drugs for recreational purposes. Drug diversion is a real concern in the healthcare setting. Patients are primary victims of drug diversion, however, hospital staff may be as vulnerable as the rest of the population to addiction. Drug diversion has many health, social, and legal complications and can result in deaths due to drug overdose. Drugs that are mostly misused in drug diversion are analgesics (particularly opioids), and psychoactive drugs (particularly benzodiazepine). To overcome drug abuse, drug diversion monitoring systems are being instituted in many hospitals and healthcare organizations which monitor data sources to detect and identify investigation candidates for potential drug diversion. Drug diversion monitoring systems are being implemented in hospitals and other health systems to prevent the ongoing opioid crisis. Some medical technology companies that play a great role in this process are KITCHECK, Medacist, Ominicell etc.

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