Bluesight Drug Diversion Monitoring

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Bluesight Drug Diversion Monitoring

AI-Powered Proactive Drug Diversion Monitoring

Drug Diversion Monitoring

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Bluesight Drug Diversion Monitoring offers a comprehensive solution for healthcare facilities seeking to effectively monitor potential drug diversion. The solution is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that automates tasks that would otherwise have to be performed manually, saving time and increasing efficiency.

ControlCheck, Bluesight’s next-generation solution, leverages AI to integrate data from automatic dispensing cabinets (ADCs) with data from electronic medical records (EMRs). This cross-analysis of information is performed quickly and accurately by AI, reducing the risk of human error and providing a more complete range of analytics needed to detect potential instances of diversion.

One unique feature of ControlCheck is its proprietary Individual Risk Identification Score (IRIS), which uses AI to help healthcare teams target, focus, and manage investigation efforts. IRIS takes the guesswork out of investigations by automatically identifying where to start, without requiring users to dig through separate metrics and dashboards.

Through unsupervised machine learning, IRIS identifies providers whose behavior represents the biggest risk for diversion. The IRIS dashboard aggregates and ranks anomalous behavior to compare individuals to other providers in their hospital, care area, and department. This score identifies outliers that don’t appear when measuring averages and standard deviations, highlighting providers whose behaviors are statistically abnormal from their peer group.

IRIS provides a weighted assessment of the degree of difference across all metrics tracked by ControlCheck, leveraging industry-leading data science calculations. It analyzes behavioral abnormalities from a range of analytic reports, including Action Times, Waste Networks, Dispense Trends, Variance Trends, Shift Analysis, and more. IRIS collates these metrics into an overarching IRIS number for each provider, allowing managers to stay focused on potential risk areas.

Overall, Bluesight Drug Diversion Monitoring with ControlCheck and IRIS is an effective and user-friendly solution for healthcare facilities looking to combat drug diversion. The AI-powered platform streamlines the investigation process and provides managers with actionable analytics to help reduce the risk of diversion and keep patients safe.

Bluesight Drug Diversion Monitoring

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