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Cloud computing is an ideal way of delivering computing services over the internet. These services mainly include cloud applications, data storage, processing power, etc. There are many benefits of cloud computing, such as low costs, rapid services, data backup, data reliability, unlimited data storage, etc. Cloud computing platforms are secure and ensure privacy and safety via cloud computing security. The services provided by cloud networking platforms are authenticated and configured in such a manner that it protects cloud data, supports regulatory compliance, and protects consumer privacy.

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  • Orb Health's Virtual Care Cloud

    Orb Health's Virtual Care Cloud

    Orb Health’s virtual care platform is our cloud-based, fully HIPAA compliant system that securely syncs patient data from your EMR and enables Orb Health’s virtual workflows, processes, …

    Posted Jun 17, 2021 Cloud Computing Virtual Care

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  • Medsphere RCM Cloud

    Medsphere RCM Cloud

    Functionally, RCM Cloud® is an all-inclusive suite of patient access and revenue cycle components that can replace any existing HIS and its add-on applications. The solution is all browser-based and …

    Posted Apr 13, 2021 Revenue Cycle Management Cloud Computing

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  • e-Zest Cloud Computing

    e-Zest Cloud Computing

    Being a digital innovation partner to many healthcare companies, e-Zest understands the pulse of the healthcare sector. We have enabled the digitization and cloudification of many healthcare …

    Posted Dec 24, 2020 Cloud Adoption Cloud Computing

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