Medsphere RCM Cloud

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Medsphere RCM Cloud

Streamline the entire patient access process from scheduling to registration to discharge to billing

Revenue Cycle Management Cloud Computing

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Functionally, RCM Cloud® is an all-inclusive suite of patient access and revenue cycle components that can replace any existing HIS and its add-on applications. The solution is all browser-based and easy to use.

Enterprise patient/resource scheduling is the coordinator for patients and resources to promote effective and timely scheduling of services and procedures across the enterprise. Resources can be a provider, staff, room, and equipment. Overbooking is supported.

Enterprise-wide patient registration addresses the needs of acute care, behavioral health, ambulatory, emergency, urgent care, and specialized healthcare facilities.


  • Accelerate accounts receivable payment collections.
  • Perform real-time payer eligibility checks during scheduling and/or registration.
  • Integrate payer rules and enforce financial accountability.
  • Reduce billing delays and denials.
  • Significantly improve clean claims rates.
  • Eliminate dependencies on and the associated costs of third-party bolt-ons.
Medsphere RCM Cloud