Medigy is a crowd-sourced and peer network-based “Buyer Intent Intelligence” platform that aims to be the forefront resource destination for digital health, med tech, and life sciences IT practitioners and innovators.

We are an independent online medical innovation publication for Innovation practitioners, Innovators, C-suite leadership at healthcare delivery organizations, consultants, caregivers, medical professionals, Allied healthcare professionals, Analysts, Digital health investors and VCs, thought leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Patients interested in medical technology and healthcare innovation. Our publication is heavily evidence-driven that goes beyond opinions and views to provide insights on how to de-risk innovation in a healthcare setting.

We are striving to create content that is focused on actual practice instead of theoretical ideas, driven by evidence and quantification of success in healthcare innovation. We seek guest contributions that scrutinize the common misconceptions and mistakes that executives at healthcare care delivery organizations accidentally commit, as they strive to make decisions to accelerate innovations that meet their business goals.

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Are you interested in writing for Medigy?

We accept:

  1. Sponsored posts

  2. Free guest post

  3. Media Press Releases

  4. By-lines

  5. Video and Audio interviews

  6. Curated articles

  7. Link insertion opportunities within existing non-sponsored articles.

We welcome Case Studies, How-to guides, Review articles, Infographics, Educational and Informative posts, Thesis, Banner adverts, Partnership announcements, and many more.

We offer advertising options in our newsletters and a social media blast.

What’s in it for me as an author?

As a contributor to Medigy, you will have your own:

  1. Author page where you can include biography, website, company links, social media links that can increase your personal brand, improve the corporate branding for your customers, and help you gain thought leadership.

  2. As a company you can have your own company and/product profile page on Medigy.

  3. If you would like to promote your contributions further and take them to the next level and get noticed, check our Press Release submission guidelines above where you get a visibility on Medigy TV and Radio.

We also provide promotional opportunities like interview on Medigy TV and Radio.

What are the submission guidelines for sponsored and free posts?

  1. The article should range from 500 to 6,000-word count.

  2. The article should relate to one or more TOPICS listed on Medigy.

  3. The article must contain a meta description, primary and secondary keywords, focus keywords, meta tag that are SEO friendly and relate to the topics mentioned above.

  4. The article should be properly formatted and contain at least one H1 and two H2.

  5. Provide at least 2 royalty-free images (one for featured and another to be included within the article) with proper credits for copyright images. Ensure the images used in your articles are sent to us separately in JPG file format.

  6. Provide evidence from trusted 1st and/ 3rd-party research sources within the article and notes/citations wherever applicable. We expect at least one piece of clinical evidence or any kind of supporting text or claim from scientific research papers and journals.

  7. Each time it is mandatory to share the topic and links for our approval and the post should preferably be in US English.

  8. Provide visual illustrations such as infographics, bar charts, media files and Venn diagrams for a clear visual representation of your ideas, wherever possible. The embed code for infographics/audio and video files is preferred.

  9. The article must be shared either in MS Word or Google Docs (please ensure that the sharing option is enabled).

  10. The article cannot contain more than 4 do-follow/no-follow links from high domain authority Healthcare IT sites.

  11. The content should be 100% plagiarism free, and we’d check it at our end too. For any plagiarism detected the request will be rejected.

  12. The article should have one internal link and the links remain permanent.

  13. All references should be cited in APA citation format.

  14. For the Author Bio ensure to submit a description with proper links to social media profiles and a clear headshot.

The sponsored posts will be widely shared on Medigy channels. We’d appreciate posts published on Medigy to be shared on the author’s social media channels and network.

What are the submission guidelines for link insertion requests within an exisiting article on Medigy?

  1. The link must relate to one of the topics on Medigy

  2. The article chosen for link insertion should be at least a year old.

  3. The selected article cannot be a curated article, it must be an original article published on Medigy.

  4. The selected article cannot contain a competitor link (to the link that you wish to insert).

  5. Not more than 2 do-follow/no-follow links (from niche high domain authority sites) are accepted per article for link insertion.

  6. The links remain permanent.

What are the submission guidelines for Press Releases?

  1. 4 backlinks from high domain authority sites of your choice can be included in the Press Release.

  2. Your press release will be emailed to our mailing list and announced on all our social media channels.

  3. A banner for your press release will show up on Medigy’s homepage for 7 business days.

  4. Medigy will curate and publish an interview on the press release.

  5. You have the option to launch your own company profile page on Medigy.

What is the publication process, and how do I pitch an idea?

We strive to make the publication process as smooth as possible. Simply send your article by email to our editor, who will review it for any necessary edits and will get it published within 48 to 72 hours including weekends.

For approval share:

  1. Links to 2 previous articles

  2. The titles/topics of two to three pieces that you think would be interesting to write for Medigy.

  3. In a line or two, explain why you are interested in contributing to Medigy.

How do I pitch in for bulk orders?

The process to submit ideas for bulk orders is like pitching an idea for a single article. The topics must relate to our niche and the article should be evidence driven with properly cited references from top healthcare journals.

For bulk orders:

  1. A 25% discount will be offered for orders of 5 articles/month that are submitted over a duration of 3 months.

  2. The payment can be made monthly rather than per article

What is the process to place a banner advert?

Any banner advert should relate to one or more topics from our topic community and should have:

  1. A short, captivating heading that can draw readers into your advertisement.

  2. An intriguing message that provides enough information to capture the reader’s attention.

  3. A visually engaging Call-To Action(CTA) within its size, shape, and color and of an instinctively clickable shape.

  4. Visually pleasing animations of no more than 15 seconds.

The following sizes could be referred to while submitting your file to the editorial team:

Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250 pixels

Leaderboard: 728 x 90 pixels

Large Rectangle: 336 x 280 pixels

Wide skyscraper: 160 x 600 pixels

Half a page banner: 300 x 600 pixels.

We support other banner sizes as well, however as per our research according to Google AdSense the above are the most clicked banner sizes.

Are there any submission deadlines?

There are no deadlines, just send what you have when it’s ready.

What are the payment and refund policies?

  1. We accept payments via PayPal and an invoice will be raised to the agreed email ID with the live link to the published article.

  2. Fees for cancellation of articles will not be refunded.

  3. Only those payments will be refunded that are made in excess amount by the contributor than required and this amount will be returned within 14 days if the author informs us within 3 days of the transaction date.

  4. All payments will be accepted only through an invoice.

  5. Bank transfers will be accepted for bulk and recurring orders.

Please check a few examples of contributed posts:

Telehealth Sees Increased Adoption After COVID

How to Overcome the Key Challenges Physicians Are Facing in This Digital Era?

Ongoing Challenges in Innovation Implementation of EHRs at Hospitals

How to solve a medical data security problem

Additionally, for specific contribution guidelines for each Community of Practice (CoP) please refer to the Charters within each CoP.

What are the submission policies for curated content?

For submission of curated content (News, Events, Offerings, Topics, Awards, Videos, Podcasts and CoP articles) use the Add/Suggest option as a registered member on Medigy and follow the instructions.

Here are a couple of general rules to remember for submission of curated content:

  1. Submit articles on trending topics.

  2. Submit links from high authority domain sites (DA score > 40), although this is not mandatory it is preferred.

  3. Ensure to choose at least 2 or more Topics. In the absence of more than one topic, choose ‘digital health’ or ‘healthcare’ as the default topic.

  4. Try to use the same image from the original post. If not, choose a default image that relates to the content or upload a custom image.

  5. While curating ensure to select an ‘Institution’ (if the article mentions any organization).

  6. The reviewing team at Medigy will come back with a decision on your submission within 48 to 72 hours of submission.

For any questions please email

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