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1823 El Camino Real, Redwood City, California, 94063, United States

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About Us

Suki’s mission is to lift the administrative burden from doctors, so they can focus on what matters. Our team is comprised of clinicians and technologists building an award-winning solution based on the real-world needs of doctors. The Suki team has extensive experience designing and developing cutting-edge technology, consumer, healthcare, and enterprise products for companies like Apple, Google, and IBM Watson.

  • SUKI AI Solutions

    SUKI AI Solutions

    We’re reimagining the healthcare tech stack, making it invisible and assistive. We deliver incredibly fast and accurate voice experiences using the latest in natural language processing and …

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  • Suki Assistant

    Suki Assistant

    Suki’s AI delivers industry-leading accuracy and gets smarter with each interaction. Doctors finish their notes an average of 76% faster. Suki Assistant integrates with common EHRs to streamline …

    Posted : Digital Assistant Artificial Intelligence

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  • Suki Speech Service

    Suki Speech Service

    Suki Speech Service is an accurate, natural, and fast voice experience. Suki Speech Service is a suite of APIs for healthcare solutions. Suki Speech Service is a suite of APIs that powers our …

    Posted : Voice Technology

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