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Suki Speech Service

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Suki Speech Service is an accurate, natural, and fast voice experience. Suki Speech Service is a suite of APIs for healthcare solutions. Suki Speech Service is a suite of APIs that powers our award-winning healthcare voice assistant and can be used to create a best-in-class voice experience for your solution. Use our cutting-edge healthcare voice technology to power EMRs with voice, make healthcare voice experiences natural and flexible and build voice interaction for any healthcare app.


Voice Agent

Incredibly fast. Seamlessly alternates between syntactic and semantic speech, handling natural pauses and multiple commands in quick succession with ease.

Intent Extractor

No more memorizing commands. Trained on a robust healthcare dataset, our intent extractor understands natural language at an industry-leading 99.5% accuracy.


Highly accurate automatic speech recognizer. Trained on specialty-specific language models and can be easily customized for specific use cases.

Suki Speech Service